Businessman Arrested for Circulating Nude Photos of Former Lovers.

Women Victimized by Nude Photo Circulation Find Relief as Culprit Is Apprehended.



The Lagos State Police Command has apprehended a 44-year-old businessman, Amara Kennedy, on charges of disseminating nude photos of his ex-partners. Kennedy was captured on Friday in the Oshodi area of Lagos after one of his victims, Kester, agreed to meet him in an attempt to resolve their dispute.

Previously, our correspondent reported on the case, revealing that Kennedy had connected with two women, Kester and Temi, separately through different WhatsApp and Facebook chat groups for singles.

Kester, a widow who had lost her husband in a car accident eight years ago, shared that Kennedy, formerly a banker turned businessman, showered her with monetary gifts after striking up a conversation. However, after a disagreement, Kennedy retaliated by sending over 50 nude photos of her that he had taken without her knowledge during their intimate encounters in a hotel room. He demanded a sum of N100,000 from her to delete the photos. Kester complied and sent the money, but Kennedy then asked for an additional N40,000 to permanently delete the images. Despite her payments, Kennedy proceeded to circulate the photos on Facebook, causing Kester extreme distress and leading to two suicide attempts.

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Temi, the second victim, disclosed that Kennedy engaged in prolonged sexual encounters with her in hotels while under the influence of drugs. After realizing that he was not serious about their relationship and was merely exploiting her, she severed ties with him. In response, Kennedy sent her numerous nude photos and demanded reimbursement for all the money he had spent on her during their relationship. Temi borrowed N15,000, which she sent to him. However, when she reached out to Kennedy’s sister on Facebook for assistance, he retaliated by circulating her nude photos.

In a disturbing turn of events, Kennedy threatened to further damage the reputations of the women involved and vowed to make suicide their only option. He sent the nude photos to their Facebook friends, family members, co-workers, and even church members. He also shared the explicit images with Kester’s in-laws.

After a series of reports exposing Kennedy’s criminal actions, he resorted to verbally attacking our reporter and accused them of attempting to ruin his reputation. However, the women devised a plan to lure Kennedy out of hiding, and a peace meeting was arranged with the help of rights activist Arike Adelodun. During the meeting, which took place at an eatery in Oshodi on Friday morning, Kennedy was apprehended by the police.

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Kester expressed her relief and stated that she felt as if she had won a trip to Canada. She eagerly awaits the suspect’s arraignment. Defunke Adewunmi, the founder of the rights group Black Diamonds Support Foundation, praised the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Idowu Owohunwa, and the gender unit for their support in the successful operation.

Temi also expressed her joy at the arrest, emphasizing that she finally feels a sense of peace and relief. She plans to go out, enjoy fresh air, and savor the freedom from Kennedy’s torment.

Throughout the ordeal, Adewunmi’s organization provided support to the women affected by Kennedy’s actions. The group disclosed that nine widows and three single mothers have come forward, claiming that the suspect had blackmailed them.

The arrest represents a significant step towards justice, and the victims hope that they can find closure in due course.

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