ASUU Condemns Low Education Budget, Raises Strike Threat


The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has expressed its strong disapproval of the insufficient allocation to the education sector in the 2024 budget. The union, representing university lecturers across Nigeria, has warned of a potential strike action if the government fails to address its concerns and increase funding for education.

ASUU President, Professor Emmanuel Oshodeke, condemned the budget allocation as inadequate and falling short of the expectations for a sector grappling with numerous challenges. He highlighted the low allocation of less than 8% to education, which he described as “unacceptable” and incapable of addressing the multifaceted problems plaguing the sector.

The union’s key concerns include:

  • Low salaries and dwindling morale among lecturers: The current salary structure is deemed inadequate to motivate and retain qualified academic staff, leading to brain drain and a decline in the quality of education.
  • Poor infrastructure and inadequate funding for research: Universities lack proper facilities, equipment, and resources for effective teaching and research, hindering the development of educational excellence and innovation.
  • Unpaid earned allowances and withheld salaries: Delayed academic allowances and withheld salaries have caused financial hardship and frustration among lecturers, further impacting their morale and the overall academic environment.
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ASUU has demanded a significant increase in the education budget to at least 20% of the total national budget. This would allow for improved salaries for lecturers, funding for infrastructure development, research grants, and other critical needs to revitalize the education sector.

The union warned that if the government fails to address its demands and revise the budget to reflect its commitment to education, it will be forced to embark on a nationwide strike action. This could lead to the disruption of academic activities across universities, further jeopardizing the education of millions of students.

The ASUU’s condemnation of the low education budget and threat of strike action raise concerns about the government’s commitment to prioritize education. Investing in education is crucial for national development and the future of the country. The government must take decisive action to address the union’s concerns and ensure adequate funding for the education sector to foster a thriving and competitive learning environment.

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The next few weeks will be critical in determining the government’s response and whether a strike can be avoided. The outcome of this situation will have a significant impact on the future of higher education in Nigeria.

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