NAFDAC Clamps Down on Adulterated Drinks in Abia, Arrests 10 Suspects and Shuts Down Market


In a major operation aimed at protecting public health, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has cracked down on the production and sale of adulterated beverages in Abia State. The agency raided the Cemetery Market in Aba, arresting 10 suspects and shutting down the entire market due to widespread illegal activities.

This action follows reports of widespread production and sale of fake and adulterated beverages in the market, posing a serious threat to public health. The NAFDAC Director for the South-East Zone, Martins Iluyomade, described the activities at the market as “worse than Boko Haram,” highlighting the gravity of the situation.

During the raid, NAFDAC officials discovered massive quantities of counterfeit beverages, including popular brands of wines and expensive drinks. They also found evidence of revalidation of expired products, indicating complete disregard for consumer safety. This blatant disregard for regulations and consumer well-being prompted the agency to take decisive action.

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The NAFDAC team confiscated four trailers filled with adulterated products, showcasing the sheer scale of the illegal activity. This seizure demonstrates the pervasiveness of the problem and the need for continued vigilance to ensure the safety of food and beverages consumed by the public.

In addition to the arrests and market closure, NAFDAC has called for the temporary shutdown of the entire market for thorough sanitization. This is necessary to eliminate any remaining traces of adulterated products and ensure the market operates in compliance with safety regulations before reopening.

The NAFDAC’s swift and decisive action in Abia sends a strong message to all those involved in the production and sale of adulterated food and beverages. The agency is committed to protecting public health and will continue to crack down on such illegal activities across the country.

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This incident highlights the importance of consumer awareness and vigilance. Individuals should be cautious and purchase beverages from authorized sources only. NAFDAC encourages consumers to report any suspicion of adulterated products to the agency to help maintain food safety standards and protect public health.

The NAFDAC’s actions in Abia serve as a reminder that the fight against the production and sale of harmful products requires collaboration between the government, regulatory agencies, and the public. By working together, we can ensure the safety and quality of the food and beverages we consume.

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