Pastor David Ibiyeomie Stands Firm in Criticism of White Garment Churches, Faces Ultimatum.

Salvation Ministries Senior Pastor Claims Knowledge of Secrets within Celestial Church of Christ.




The pastor’s comments drew significant criticism from the general public and white garment prophets, with many calling for an apology. However, during his recent sermon, Pastor Ibiyeomie remained resolute in his stance, asserting that numerous white garment churches engage in ungodly activities.


Drawing from his personal experience as a former member of the Celestial Church of Christ before his conversion to Christianity, Pastor Ibiyeomie claimed to possess insider knowledge of their practices. He stated, “White garment churches are angry at me because they know that I know them very well. I was among them before I became born again, so I know all their secrets. They all use black magic and mix it with Christianity…”


Following his initial statement, a prophet from the Celestial Church of Christ, who identified himself as a “bona fide celestial prophet,” issued a 14-day ultimatum to Pastor David Ibiyeomie, demanding an apology or warning of dire consequences.

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The prophet expressed, “I am saying that I want to speak to Mr. or Pastor David Ibiyeomie; I am a bona fide celestial prophet. But what he said to us, the celestials, was that he really made a terrible mistake, and as a man of God, we are expecting him within those 14 days that the supreme evangelist spoke against him to apologize. If he did not, this is not a word of threat; he will visit our God.”


Pastor David Ibiyeomie’s continued criticism of white garment churches and his refusal to apologize have sparked a heated debate within the religious community. As tensions rise, many await the outcome of the 14-day ultimatum issued by the Celestial Church of Christ prophet, unsure of the potential consequences that may follow.

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