22-Year-Old Woman Dies During Unlicensed Buttock Enlargement Surgery by Friend-Turned-Beautician in Russia”

Friend Turned Fatal Surgeon: Beautician with No License and Minimal Training Faces Police Probe After Anaesthetic Mishap.



In a heartbreaking incident reported by the Daily Mail, 22-year-old Mika Shabasova passed away merely ten minutes after receiving anaesthesia during a buttock enlargement procedure conducted by an ‘unqualified’ beautician in Russia.

The distressing event unfolded at the beautician Uma M’s ‘home surgery’ in Makhachkala, where Mika tragically lost her life. Currently, Uma M is under house arrest as authorities investigate the sudden death of her friend during the cosmetic procedure.

The shocking revelation indicates that the beautician had no proper license for cosmetic surgery despite offering various treatments, including lip, cheek, and buttock enlargements. Reportedly, she had completed a brief two-week course before carrying out these procedures.

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During the investigation, Uma M stated that she repeatedly used lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, on Mika’s skin and inquired about allergies prior to the procedure.

As the Russian Investigative Committee delves into the circumstances surrounding the incident, friends of the deceased reveal that they had warned Mika against undergoing the buttock procedure, which Uma M had been promoting despite her limited qualifications in the field.

This unfortunate event serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with unregulated cosmetic practices and raises concerns over the need for stricter standards in the industry to prevent such tragic outcomes.

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