Starlink Surprises with Astounding Download Speeds Exceeding 600 Mbps in Multiple Tests

SpaceX's Starlink constellation delivers exceptional performance in rural Germany, showcasing its true potential


SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet network continues to astound users with its remarkable download speeds in Germany. The highly anticipated network, consisting of thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO), has garnered significant attention for its unparalleled performance since its public launch. However, the immense popularity of Starlink led to a surge in user sign-ups that exceeded the network’s capacity, resulting in performance degradation in areas of high demand, particularly across various regions in the United States. Nevertheless, Starlink occasionally reaffirms its capabilities, and today’s test results serve as a prime example.


A recent test conducted by a Reddit user who recently received their Starlink user terminal in rural Germany demonstrates the network’s impressive performance. Starlink tests in the European country have consistently yielded outstanding results, partly due to lower congestion and strategic satellite placement. SpaceX is gradually expanding its satellite constellation, which aims to eventually comprise thousands of satellites, resulting in uneven satellite distribution that benefits certain areas with higher speeds.

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Notably, download speeds exceeding 500 Mbps in Germany have been reported by numerous users in the past. One of the earliest reports surfaced in 2021 when a user from Kassel shared their results on Reddit. The user conducted three download speed tests, all of which recorded speeds surpassing 500 Mbps, with the highest test achieving a remarkable speed of 560 Mbps.


Subsequently, another German user reported a download speed of 250 Mbps during a midday test, when network congestion is typically higher due to increased user activity. However, these results were soon surpassed by an even more impressive speed run a month later. A user from Munich, one of Germany’s populous cities, took to Twitter to share their remarkable download speeds, peaking at 649 Mbps, marking one of the highest results observed thus far.


The latest test results closely rival the top speeds achieved during the Munich speed test. A Reddit user with the handle DankSquared2 shared their weekend test results after relocating to rural Germany. The initial test revealed an astonishing download speed of 562 Mbps, surpassing the expectations of most users. To validate the findings, the user conducted a second test, which further elevated the download speed. The subsequent test showcased Starlink’s impressive performance, reaching 638 Mbps in download speed.

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However, the upload speed experienced a slight decrease during the second test, dropping to 177 Mbps from the initial 208 Mbps. Nonetheless, the positioning of Starlink satellites in Germany appears to contribute significantly to the network’s exceptional performance. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the speeds observed in these tests are not likely to be the norm for most users. Ookla’s download speed data indicates that the median download speed in Germany is approximately 94 Mbps as of Q4 2022. These figures underscore the impact of network congestion, with speeds declining annually by 13%, according to Ookla.


As Starlink continues to evolve and expand its satellite network, it remains a promising solution for delivering high-speed internet access, especially in remote areas where traditional broadband infrastructure is limited. With ongoing advancements, users around the world eagerly await the widespread availability of Starlink’s remarkable download speeds and reliable connectivity.

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