Pete Edochie cries out over threats to his life for featuring in movie


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Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie, has cried out over alleged threats to his life over his involvement in a movie which depicted the Islamic Movement in Nigeria as a terrorist organisation.

The veteran actor alleged that members of the IMN are threatening his life.‎

It was gathered that ‎movie titled ‘Fatal Arrogance’ was sponsored by the Nigerian Army and centred on the December 2015 clash between Shiites and soldiers.

Over 348 Shiites were alleged to have been killed during the clash, and the group’s leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, has been in detention since then. ‎

In the movie shot in Enugu State and produced by Anosike Kingsley Orji, Edochie was featured in a role with an outfit resembling that of the leader of the IMN, El-Zakzak.

In a 12-minute video uploaded on social media platforms, Edochie claimed that he was not aware of the theme and script of the film before accepting the contract to feature in it.

He also advised members of the IMN and other persons who are objecting to the movie to wait until it comes out.  ‎

He said, “I don’t understand what the IMN is driving at. The film we shot is not even out, it has not been edited, the production is not complete.

“If they have complained to the Inspector-General of Police, and the IGP says give me a copy of the film, what are we going to do because the film is not in existence yet, it is not in circulation.

“I am supposed to have played a role that ridiculed their boss, chief, whoever is in charge of their group.

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“I am suggesting that you wait, keep your gunpowder dry, when the film is released, you can now make your grumbles known to the Inspector-General of Police.

“Whatever is being done now is premature, it is not proper.

“Fatal Arrogance, whatever it is, whatever it deals with, I think the best thing to do is to wait until the production comes out.‎

“I did not write it, the film was produced by Kingsley Orji Anosike. If you want to express resentment over the production, which you have not watched, direct your grievances to the producer of the film not to Pete Edochie who is a mere actor, it does not concern me.

“I thank all those people who out of concern informed me of the campaign of deliberation of my person, the organised threat of my person by IMN, I thank you all.

“I am a free born of Nigeria, I was born and raised in Nigeria. I am not going to run away from Nigeria because a few individuals think they want things done in their own way.”‎

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