Benue State Workers Finally Receive One Month Salary After Months of Delay


Workers in Benue State can finally breathe a sigh of relief as they have received their long-awaited one month salary from the state government. Many workers expressed their joy and gratitude after enduring several months without payment.

According to reports from our correspondent in the state capital, Makurdi, workers began receiving payment alerts on Sunday. Oraduen, an employee of the state government, shared his happiness at finally being paid after seven months of working without compensation. He expressed his renewed sense of hope and the positive impact it would have on his life, including being able to use his car again and provide for his family’s needs. Other workers echoed these sentiments, stating that the payment would help alleviate the hardships they had faced during the months of unpaid salaries. They expressed optimism that they would receive three more months’ worth of salary by the end of the week.

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Fidelis, who had been owed for eight months, also expressed his delight at receiving a one month salary alert on Monday morning. He and another worker named Daniel were grateful that the payment would ease the financial strain their families had endured during the difficult period of unpaid salaries.

Terungwa Igbe, the Chairman of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) in the state, confirmed that workers had indeed been paid one month salary. However, some teachers and pensioners stated that they were still waiting for their payments.

A teacher, identified only as Doosuur, expressed hope that teachers would also receive their salaries soon. Comrade Akosu Ioream, Chairman of the Concerned/Aggrieved Pensioners in Benue State, revealed that while local government pensioners of the primary school board had started receiving alerts, there was no verified news regarding Benue State pensioners. He mentioned that preparations were underway to ensure accuracy and eliminate irregularities before payments were made to pensioners.

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With the long-awaited payment of one month salary, Benue State workers can now begin to recover from the financial hardships they have faced. They eagerly anticipate the prompt payment of pending salaries and pensions, bringing much-needed relief to their lives.

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